Christians are opening about how God has touched them in the darkest hours of their lives in Harris Faulkner’s new book “Faith Still Moves Mountains.” 

“In John 16:33, he said, in this world, you’re going to have tribulation,” Pastor Robert Jeffress told Faulkner on Fox Nation. “Jesus never promised us a world without problems. He said in this world, you’re going to have tribulation, but take courage, for I have overcome the world.” 

Earnestine Reese, a faithful elderly woman, took Christ’s words to heart as she stood amid total destruction following a severe F4 tornado, thanking God for preserving her life. 

“The house was gone, but all I could say was, when I came out, ‘Tell God, thank you,” she said. “We had to tell him thank you, because he held us. He kept us.”


Earnestine Reese shares how God preserved her from a tornado.

Earnestine Reese shares how God preserved her from a tornado.
(Fox News)

Miraculously, her small prayer closet was left standing and her message of gratitude amid tragedy has touched so many lives. God has brought goodness out of the destruction and Reverend Franklin Graham with Samaritan’s Purse built her a new home. She entered into eternal rest earlier this year, according to WRBL.

Another Christian woman Dani Laurion did not lose faith after being diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and told she would remain primarily in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.  

She had called out to God in prayer during a healing service asking her Heavenly father to take care of her and what happened next was miraculous. 

“She removed her vent,” her husband Doug Laurion said. “If she came apart at the neck or from the vent at any time, it was an emergency to get her reconnected because she just wasn’t breathing and here she had just removed it, and there was no panic, no emergency. She was just sitting there.” 

Dani Laurion and husband Doug Laurion discuss Dani's miraculous healing.

Dani Laurion and husband Doug Laurion discuss Dani’s miraculous healing.
(Fox News)

She was able to go up to the altar without her wheelchair and stunned medical professionals with her healing. 

“There is no way to explain it. It’s God simply choosing to act and grant her the grace that now she can breathe, where she couldn’t breathe before on her own,” Father Karl Pung of St. Mary’s Cathedral said. “She can walk, where she couldn’t walk before on her own. There is no medical explanation, but I’m more excited about what happened inside. Over the last six months, I’ve seen her and her husband just grow deeper in the faith. The faith becomes more real, Christ is more real. That’s what I’m really excited about.” 


Every story in Faulkner’s book talks about God never abandoning his people and working through tragedy, including an apparent healing of a woman’s heart who attempted suicide, blessing a couple with triplets after miscarriage and guiding soldiers through war. 

“This kind of relationship with God is amazing grace,” Faulkner reflected. “Dani put it best. As Christians everywhere, the peace and the power of God is within us all. God does not heal as a side gig. God is a healer.” 

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