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The Convert Plus Free Download plugin;Today we’ve shared Convert Plus plugin for free download to all. With Convert Plus, you can make amazing popups on your site.

More About ConvertPlus Plugin

Convert Plus Plugin is the all-in-one WordPress Popup plugin that transforms your site into a leading lead generation machine. Build your list of email subscribers, larger, more efficient and more precise than ever. Create stunning pop-ups in just a few minutes and begin to convert your website visitors into followers, subscribers and even customers.

The most advanced efficiency in conversion WordPress popup plugin that has over 10popup displays places and 12 different visitors’ behavior triggers and filters. The most appealing feature of this plugin is that it comes with an enormous library of over 100+ beautiful made and high-converting ready-made templates.

Features such as the popup that exits, the opt-in popup, slide-in-in popup and video popup, as well as on-click popups, social popups and widget boxes, embedded forms info bars, and widget boxes create the most powerful popup and lead generation plug-in.

Best Ever Popup Plugin for WordPress Website!

Convert Plus Plugin is a complete and the most affordable WordPress popup plug-in that can assist you in generating more leads as well as increase your email subscribers.

With a range of components, such as the modal popups, information bars, slide-in popups scroll boxes, forms that are inline as well as a sticky notification bar and many more.

Convert Plus Plugin lets you to make use of pre-made layouts or templates which are completely customizable or even design one from scratch.

Convert Plus Plugin is easy to set up and the most comprehensive and affordable WordPress opt-in Plugin that can grow your email list, and increase your conversions, speedier and more affordable than other software for building email lists and software that is available.

What is Convert Plus? Plugin function?

Convert Plus is a plugin that doesn’t require any design or coding knowledge. This is the reason it is the easiest and most effective WordPress alternative plugin. Follow a few simple steps and you’ll be ready to go live in a matter of minutes!

Create a campaign, choose an image, and then modify it to meet your specific needs. include triggers and filters, upload the module, and then take a break and watch how it works.

Design and Positions of Convert Plus Plugin

Modal popups are commonly referred to as lightbox popups. You can make use of them to show advertisements or alter opt-in popups to collect email addresses using triggers such as the intent to exit, scroll, triggers for inactivity, and many more.
Widget Boxes You can use them to display an email widget as well as an social sharing widget such as op-tin widgets, banner box, or even simple sidebar forms widget boxes could be utilized in a seamless way to incorporate all of them.

inline forms embed subscription forms on your website. Utilize shortcodes or one-click settings to show inline forms before, following or in an article on the page.

Information Bars Make use of Info Bars like notification bars footer bars subscription bars or social buttons to boost your shares on social media and likes.

Slide-in pop-ups Utilize Slide-in pop-ups or scroll boxes very polite and efficient opt-in forms that appear at the edges of a screen.

Video Opt-ins or popups Create compelling pop-ups with videos that force viewers to stop. Create a form to make the form a video-based opt-in which helps to create an email list as well.

Modals Full Screen Are you finding Modal pop-ups too small for your needs? Change it to the fullscreen modal, which takes up the entire screen. Also, you can use it for an entry point for guests, or as an exit gate by using triggers.

Triggers of Convert Plus Plugin

Convert Plus plugin allows you to have full control over the behaviour that the plugins perform. With fully customizable designs You can choose the exact time that customers are more likely to take action.

With triggers such as that of the intent to exit, after scroll trigger, post after timed trigger, and many more you can trust Convert Plus 110% Plugin to be the top WordPress building an email database.

A few triggers are:

  • Before user leaves (Exit Intent)
  • Thank you message
  • After time delay
  • When a user scrolls through a certain percentage of an entire page
  • Displays After (x) second of no activity
  • The code is at the end of the page or in a post
  • At the click of the button or text
  • Prior to or after Post (inline form)
  • Launch using shortcode

You can choose any trigger that suit your message or combine multiple triggers and meet unlimited creative possibilities!

Are pop-ups frustrating? So, no more!

Pop-ups are annoying when interfering with users as they’re doing something else. Imagine you’re reading a blog post, and a popup is popped up in the middle of the page without reason or context. These interruptions can be very annoying and people tend to close pop-ups as soon in order to get back to the work they did. This issue can be resolved by using Exit pop-ups Cookies, Two-Step Opt-ins.

Exit Intent / Exit Popups

Exit Intent Popups are less disruptive. When they are enabled, Convert Plus Plugin will monitor the cursor’s movements and pop up when the user is close to reach the top of the browser’s window or is moved toward the closing button. Exit popups can be utilized to engage visitors who have abandoned the site and give them more value to get their loyalty.

This could include a coupon for a discount coupons, eBook or even your most recent blog post, hyperlinks on your social media pages or other lead magnet they are seeking. Re-targeting your site is the most effective way to keep visitors back and collect email addresses!

Well Timed Popups

Timing is an essential factor when thinking about pop-ups. It is important to determine what time a popup should be displayed based on the message that it sends.

Opt-in forms are shown at a specific moment after a user has entered the site or when a user has been with your page for specific amount of time, and other times. All you have to do is take note of the appropriate moment to show the appropriate advertisements to your customers.

Scroll Triggers

Scroll triggers are another option which are set based on the date and time as well as the content that your visitors are using to refer to. The scroll trigger can help target particular areas of a page.

Utilize scroll popups and scroll boxes to show relevant pop-ups, or opt-in pop-ups that correspond to the content that your customers are reading at this time.

User Inactivity Trigger

It’s common that visitors often access the site only to leave it without interacting.

The pop-ups that appear for inactivity (also known as idle timer) may be used to show captivating messages that encourage users to behave as you would want them to.

Make use of these to display modules that redirect users to a different website or introduce them to popular offers , or simply show the video in a pop-up.

What do you expect to get from users who remain on your website for a short amount of time and do anything productive? Let them achieve this by displaying inactivity pop-ups.

Launch After Content

The readers love engaging information. But, what happens when they’ve finished their reading? You have the chance to keep their focus.

If they’ve spent enough time reading your posts it’s possible they’ll want to join your newsletter or go through more similar content.

Make use of this opportunity to provide people what they’re seeking through pop-ups of content. You can redirect them to other articles, provide them with an in-depth guide on the subject, or even ask for their email address to join your subscriber list.

Target Specific Pages and Users

Each page on your site will be targeted to various audiences. Each user will have different expectations.

It is crucial to modify pop-ups in a way they’re relevant to the webpage they are shown on, and also provide the information that users want. This is managed under the heading of Personalization.

  • Utilize Page Level Targeting to personalize popups based on the category, page or post they are displayed on.
  • Utilize Referrer Detection to determine which users are from a specific domain. Convert Plus Plugin can help you identify the referrer while you are able to disable or show pop-ups choosing a domain or domains.
  • Make use of Device detection to display device-specific pop-ups that target people who visit your site on different devices.
  • Utilize the New vs. old filter to maintain record of the number of people visiting your site. It is possible to display custom popups to them as well!
  • Utilize Cookies Control settings cookie control settings to track those who have signed up successfully, as well as those who chose to opt-in afterward.
  • Utilize the filter for users who have logged in to block or hide certain pop-ups for users who are registered on your site.

Core Features Of Convert Plus Plugin

Multiple Display Positions

Different messages and offers require different target positions. Convert Plus Plugin gives you a range of choices for targeting so that you can efficiently choose the location that is most appropriate for your marketing message or opt-in form.

Ready-made Styles & Templates

You can be up and running in no time by using the built-in library that includes professionally developed templates and ready-made popups to design your own customized offer in moments.

Real-time Live Editor

Increase your conversion rate with beautiful modules built using the live editor and unleash your creative side quickly. Change templates built into the editor quickly, with no technical knowledge.

Capture & Sync Leads

Exclusive feature that lets you create multiple segments of email lists with a range of categories and offers you’d like to show. Create, sync, manage and analyze your contacts in one location. Create leads and build email lists with opt-in forms and other external sources such as WP Comment Forms Contact Form 7 WooCommerce Registration Form and WP Checkout Form.

Exit Intent Technology

Get rid of visitors who have left and turn them into customers or subscribers. Display targeted and personalized advertisements on exit popups in the exact moment when a visitor is close to leaving your website.

In-depth Analytics

With a clear analytics graph it is easy to discern what’s happening on your site, so you can come up with better opportunitiesand take decision-based on data to boost your profits.

A/B Test & Analyze

Unlimitable number of split tests in real-time to help you determine the most effective message for your target audience. You can now stop speculating and test forms, and make educated decisions to increase your income.

2-Step Opt-In Technology

Use the exploration action of users when they click the link, image or button to show personalized advertisements. This technique has been demonstrated to boost conversions and generate an effective email list.

Social Share Styles

Make use of the social share style to increase the number of social followers as well as shares and liked. It is possible to use modal popupsor slide-in popups as well as sticky bars, info bars, or inline modules to promote social sharing.

What’s new on ConvertPlus GPL PLugin v3.5.19

  • Correction: JS console error showing on CF7 form Gravity form, Ninja forms.
  • Corrected CPlus Affiliate link is updated.
  • Fixed: Slide-in CTA reappearing on after submission action.
  • Correction: Target Special pages selected are not saving.
  • Fix: Info-bar CTA – Hide pop-up after “x” seconds of submission is not working.
  • Correction Issue: Slide-in CTA is not able to import.
  • Corrected: PHP notice displayed on the Info-bar CTA Customizer.
  • Corrected: Submit button animation is not working.

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Post Updated On29-04-2021

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