MUMBAI :Preetiish Manas is an Indian actor known for his work in films, web series, TV, and theatre. He is known for his performance in serials like ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki season 2’ and ‘Tera Chhalaava’.
Preetiish is very active on social media platforms and always keeps his fans entertained. Fans also notice the active and fun lifestyle that he has.
The actor has surely given some amazing performances, but one thing to note here is that he isn’t just an actor. He is also a very talented poet which means that he is a pretty creative person who is indulged in his art.
Recently, Preetiish has given some mind-blowing performances in ‘Four More Shots Please season 3’, and the Akshay Kumar starrer, ‘Ram Setu’.

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MUMBAI : Talking about the Bollywood movie ‘Ram Setu’ directed by Abhishek Sharma, people have noticed the amazing action coming in from Preetiish Manas, who played the role of one of Bali’s henchmen.
TellyChakkar got in touch with the actor and got to know about the amazing experience he’s had while working for the movie and the web series.

Tell us something about your role in Ram Setu, and about how you bagged the role?
First of all, if you check out the trailer or the teaser, you’ll know that the movie has a lot of action, and my role is mainly about action. Mine is one of the characters that has a lot of physicality. So, we have sequences in water, in the jungle, in helicopters, and we have gunshots. It’s a very different type of character, something that I’ve never played before. My character is a negative one. I have most of my scenes with Pravish Rana. I had gone for the audition and they wanted someone fit who could pull off a South Indian accent. Now I’m not from South India, but I took some help from a friend. The prior experience in acting and fitness has surely helped me here.
How was your experience working with Akshay Kumar?
We have grown up watching Akshay Kumar doing action, comedy etc. I had all the scenes of chasing Akshay Kumar and others. So, after our pack-up, I was standing and wondering how I should go and talk to him. I mean he’s Akshay Kumar. But he came forward, shook my hands and said “I’m Akshay Kumar”, and I just replied saying, “Who doesn’t know you?” He was very sweet, warm and very chilled out.
What do you think about Thank God and Ram Setu clashing on the same date?
If you see the past, such things have never hampered the movies. In fact, it has flourished. For example, I remember that both Gadar and Lagaan released at the same time, and both the movies did well and enjoyed success. They both are cult movies now. So, I feel that it depends upon the content. If the content is good, the clash won’t matter. I’ve seen that these days content is such a big thing. For example, there’s Kantara. Everybody’s praising it. Even if people don’t know Hindi or English, they are still going to theatres and watching it. One of my friends in the U.K. watched the movie over there and posted that you should watch it if you are a movie lover. So now there’s no barrier in terms of language, or actors etc. If your content is good, people will watch it.
What do you feel about OTT vs. Bollywood and how Bollywood movies are failing?
A movie is a movie. It takes you to a different world. It makes you see things larger than life and that’s why we go to watch it. Of course, we watch movies that relate to us. Therefore, movies will always be there. When TV came, people thought that no one will go for movies. Now OTT is here. Surely people are now more aware of what is good acting and good content. If you see, the access to people is much higher than before. I mean, people weren’t watching a lot of foreign shows and movies, but now they do as people are now exposed to a lot of content. Recently, Four More Shots Please season 3 was released. I’ve played a part in that and I’m getting really good responses from people. I’m getting calls and messages. I’ve played a completely different character in that. I’m playing a Haryanvi person. So of course, both OTT and Movies have their pros and cons. There are good and bad films, but a film is a film in the end.
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