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LAURA INGRAHAM: The goal with digital health certificates is ‘ultimate control’

Laura Ingraham dove into how Biden declared support for the development of digital health certificates to “facilitate travel” on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, when Joe Biden travels to meet with world leaders, it is a virtual certainty that he will agree to something that undermines US sovereignty and, of course, picks our pockets. And that is exactly what happened at the G20 late last week. Emerging from the Indonesia confab, Biden, along with the rest of the group of 20 nations, released a declaration supporting the development of digital health certificates, otherwise known as vaccine passports. Now, you may recall that the Angle warned about this eventuality back in the spring of 2020.


(REUTERS/Denis Balibouse/File Photo)

The ultimate goal is control. But what they promise is that these digital IDs will end up facilitating international travel. And of course, it includes proof of vaccination. Translation – as long as a Democrat is president, he or she will allow the World Health Organization to dictate how we share our most private health information. And of course, creating a central database is going to be necessary they claim for the greater good, for your protection and, of course, for your overall benefit. But what if you aren’t shot up with whatever they claim is necessary in any given time? Well, tough luck. Stay home because you’re in a W.H.O. mandated lockdown. No travel for you. Now, the declaration also calls for the establishment of a trusted global digital health network. Doesn’t that sound nifty? To prevent and respond to future pandemics. 




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