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TUCKER CARLSON: Children are being destroyed by this

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On Saturday night, as you may now have read, a 22-year-old man called Anderson Lee Aldrich walked into a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs and opened fire. By the time he was subdued by patrons, he had murdered five people and injured another 25. 

You’ve seen this story before, but no matter how many times you’ve seen it, it never stops being horrifying and it shouldn’t stop. Violence and cruelty should always horrify us every single time.  When we start to become cynical about the deaths of other human beings, we have lost something essential to our humanity. Unfortunately, you’re seeing that. 

The most obvious question is, why did Anderson Lee Aldrich shoot 30 people? And the truth is, we don’t know. We do know he was clearly a troubled person. Last summer, he threatened to blow up his mother’s house with a bomb. Authorities had to evacuate the neighborhood during the four-hour standoff that ensued. Eventually, he surrendered.  

POPPY HARLOW: You’re seeing this video first on CNN. That shows the alleged gunman, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich, surrendering to law enforcement. This is just a year ago, in June of 2021, after allegedly making a bomb threat on his own mother.  

After that happened, he, of course, was arrested and charged with first degree kidnapping and felony menacing, but then the local district attorney, a man called Michael J. Allen, did not pursue charges. Why? We reached out to Allen’s office to find out why, but he did not get back to us, so we can only guess. We do know what the effect was. Because Aldrich was never charged with a crime and his arrest record was sealed, his violent past did not show up in background checks. Threatening to murder his own mother did not prevent him from buying a firearm even under Colorado’s so-called red flag law, which is designed to prevent that very thing.  


Those are the facts. That’s what we know so far. Once again, authorities failed to keep the public safe. They didn’t do their job. You may recognize now a pattern because you have seen that before. 

As for Aldrich’s motive in shooting strangers, we can only guess and we’re not going to guess both because guessing would be dishonest and irresponsible. You can’t just make up a story because it suits your preexisting beliefs, but more to the point, we’re not going to guess because it would dishonor the memories of the five people who were just murdered in Colorado Springs. These were human beings. They were Americans. They were not props in a larger ideological war, and to reduce them to that is wrong.  

That’s exactly what many politicians are doing right now. Within hours of the shootings, Joe Biden and his allies use this tragedy as a pretext for disarming the law-abiding population of the country. We need more gun control, Joe Biden said predictably. Notwithstanding the fact that Colorado’s existing gun control laws, which are extensive, did not prevent this attack. It was a contemptible and heartless and deeply cynical display of political opportunism.

But it didn’t stop with gun control because, in fact, the Second Amendment is not the freedom that threatens the people in charge the most. No, that would be the First Amendment, which is your right to say what you sincerely believe. That is the right, the first in our Bill of Rights, that terrifies them the most. Your words are a greater threat than any firearm. They must censor you or else they lose power. It is that simple. 

These horrifying murders in Colorado over the weekend quickly became a pretext for yet more censorship of your speech. You are responsible for this, they told you, because you said the wrong thing. 


U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a rally hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at Richard Montgomery High School on August 25, 2022 in Rockville, Maryland.

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a rally hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at Richard Montgomery High School on August 25, 2022 in Rockville, Maryland.
(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

You are guilty of stochastic terrorism, inspiring violence by your beliefs. Anderson Lee Aldrich committed mass murder because you complained about the sexualizing of children. Every time you object to drag time story out for fifth graders or point out that genital mutilation is being committed on minors, (which it is), every time you say that, you are putting people’s lives at risk. 

Now that seems implausible and yet many are making this claim. Many have made it over the past 24 hours. Watch, for example, Brandy Zadrozny of NBC.  

BRANDY ZADROZNY: Online, including this Libs of TikTok account, which feeds larger media like Fox News stories, what has happened is a demonization of LGBTQ people, calling them groomers and pedophiles. This type of thing, whether we can say it’s motive or not, what we know is that it’s just another reason why LGBTQ people are scared.  

There it is, right there. When you point out the truth, indisputably and the truth is that some adults in this country, apparently a growing number, have a deeply unhealthy fixation on the sexuality of children, when you say that out loud, you get people killed. That is what Brandy Zadrozny is saying and by saying that Brandy Zadrozny and the many people like her are effectively defending that same deeply unhealthy fixation on the sexuality of children.  


By the way, it’s absolutely real. You’re not imagining that. It’s happening. The evidence is everywhere and it comes to light on the Internet. Brandy Zadrozny and people like her hate that you are seeing that. Notice that Zadrozny is not claiming that Libs of TikTok is making this up. She never even suggests that. She is threatening them and what she’s doing is threatening them, you should know, and she’s doing that because they’re pointing it out.  

Noticing it’s happening is their crime and once again, it is happening. Children’s Hospital in Boston, where the most famous hospitals in the world, has admitted performing double mastectomies on children for no medical reason at all. There is no scientific justification for sexually mutilating kids. They are not doing it for a scientifically defensible reason. They are doing it because they believe in a very specific religious ideology. That’s true. Is pointing that out an attack on gay people? Of course, it is not an attack on gay people. It has nothing to do with gay people. It has to do with sexually mutilating children, which is wrong, period. It should be a crime period and yet suddenly it’s very common. 

As we’ve reported on this show. UCSF, University of California, San Francisco Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in the world, is doing this as well, and they’ve said so out loud. This is an actual quote from their website: “Genital surgery is being performed on a case-by-case basis more frequently in minors. In the absence of solid evidence, providers often must rely on the expert opinions of innovators and thought leaders in the field.”  


Your child gets sexually mutilated, genital surgery that is irreversible not on the basis of science, but on the basis of innovators and thought leaders. It’s hard to believe that’s happening. That quote was scrubbed, by the way, after we reported on it, not because it wasn’t a real quote, but because it was a real quote. It was too incriminating. 

Once again, this is everywhere. A parent in Pennsylvania, called Megan Brock decided to do some actual reporting on it because actual reporters choose not to. They look away and attack anyone who wants to know what’s actually happening. She filed a records request and this week she obtained a 2017 email from Dr. Nadia Dowshen at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Again, one of the most famous hospitals in the world known as CHOP, a widely beloved institution that has helped very many. But in this case, what they were doing shocks the senses.  

In a communication with now HHS Secretary Rachel Levine, she wrote this “I’m not aware of existing literature,” This is Dowshen, “but certainly it is happening. I think we’ve had more than ten patients who have had chest surgery under 18, (as young as 15) and bottom surgery (17).” 

That’s the sexual mutilation of children for no medical or scientific reason, simply because right now it is fashionable and consistent with a cult that has taken over a lot of the leadership of this country. But the fact remains, children are being destroyed by this. It should be a crime. The people who commit it should be in jail.

But it’s not just the sexual mutilation of children in hospitals. This is part of a larger trend and the trend is this: adults crossing the line, and it has always been a bright line into deep involvement with the sexuality of children. 


Rachel Levine testifies at a confirmation hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee Feb. 25, 2021, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Rachel Levine testifies at a confirmation hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee Feb. 25, 2021, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
(Tom Brenner-Pool/Getty Images)

That has always been and must in a civilized society, always be the most forbidden thing. It’s considered unacceptable, even among prison inmates, but now it seems to be growing in its prevalence. 

Consider the latest ad for the clothing brand, Balenciaga. This was just uploaded on Instagram. As you can see, the photoshoot they’re using to sell their products features a young girl holding a teddy bear in a bondage outfit. 

Then in case you missed the point, the photoshoot also contains this image. It shows several documents. Most of them aren’t visible, but what you can see when you zoom in and of course, the point is that you see it, is a reference to a U.S. Supreme Court case called Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition. That case struck down a law against kiddie porn. What is this? Well, it is what it appears to be. It’s an endorsement of kiddie porn, of child pornography. What else could it be? We wanted to know. We reached out today to Balenciaga to get their explanation and they didn’t respond. 

So, we’re going to have to take that on face value and ask, where’s the moral outrage? We have an entire industry in this country comprised of moral outrage merchants. 

If you’ve ever been on Twitter, you know what we mean. Truly, an entire sector of our economy is devoted to attacking people for falling short of the mark, and here is a high-end retailer promoting kiddie porn in an ad on Instagram and nobody notices. 

There’s no boycott. There’s no front-page New York Times editorial against it and of course, Instagram, let the advertisement run endorsing kiddie porn and by the way, if you have an alternate explanation for what this was, let us know. A child with a teddy bear in a bondage outfit, and a Supreme Court decision striking down a kiddie porn law displayed on the table. What is that? Are we jumping to conclusions? Don’t think so. It is what it appears to be. 


It’s right in your face and no one’s saying anything. Again, Instagram had no problem with this. Until Elon Musk took over Twitter, Twitter allowed hashtags that explicitly linked to child pornography. Nobody said anything because crimes against children are no big deal. It’s thought crimes that are the real crimes.

 If you said something about it, if you were Libs of TikTok and said, wait a second, this seems to be abetting child molestation, which of course, that’s what it’s doing, you’re instantly booted off Twitter. But the links to kiddie porn? They’re still there. Well, now they’ve been deleted, thank God. That’s one improvement.  

All of this has been happening out in the open, but NBC News hasn’t bothered to report on any of it. Where is the report tonight: Balenciaga pushing kiddie porn in an Instagram ad? No, they’re reserving all their energy to attack you for noticing. You’re a stochastic terrorist if you pointed out and you need to be censored. Watch.  

ZADROZNY: Content moderation is a hard task. What we know is that Twitter and where the bulk of this information is right now, because that’s where the biggest accounts like Matt Walsh and Libs of TikTok, again where they sort of post this stuff, what’s being done. Well, two days ago, we know that Elon Musk, who owns Twitter now, he just reversed the policy that Twitter did have against targeting and harassment of LGBTQ people, against misgendering transgender people. 


Here you have people mutilating the genitals of children running ads on Instagram promoting kiddie porn, and there’s Brandy Zadrozny on NBC News. She’s not attacking them. She’s attacking anyone who notices and accusing them of attacking gay people. Once again, this has nothing to do with gay people. This is an attack on the sexual fixation on and mutilation of the genitals of children, pushing kiddie porn. It has nothing to do gay people. That’s an offense against anyone’s definition of decency, and she’s effectively defending it, and they all are.  

You’re not allowed to notice it or else you’re committing violence. You’re complicit in mass murder. Well, the people who are doing these things are fine. No one attacks them. An ACLU spokesman launched this attack on Doug Lamborn, a congressman from Colorado. Watch this. “He voted against the Respect for Marriage Act and is a co-sponsor of Marjorie Taylor Green’s nationwide ban on gender-affirming care for trans youth.” Huh? That’s the crime.  

Children having their genitals mutilated on the basis of no science, no actual real medical guidance, no longitudinal study. There’s no evidence this is a good idea, but GLAAD is flawed, so doctors mindlessly do it and you can’t complain or else you’re a murderer? Too crazy. These are our children. Can’t put up with it. 

For her part, GLAAD’s president declared that because of Saturday’s shooting, you need to shut up while activist doctors mutilate children.  


SARAH KATE ELLIS: In terms of trans kids and gender-affirming care, the American Medical Association, the Pediatric Association has confirmed that these are safe procedures. This is finished business. It’s politicians and junk science who is creating some kind of debate or argument about this.  

Really? Now we realize she’s paid to say that, of course. All these activists are paid to say what they say, very specifically paid. ACLU is paid to say what they say. They all are. ADL is paid to say what it says. GLAAD is paid to say what it says.

But the truth is, the no B.S. scientific truth is, there’s no evidence it’s safe. Where’s the 10-year study on that? Do you have one? Oh, you don’t have one. We have no idea what the long-term effects of puberty blockers are. We have no idea.  


We can’t even guess as to the long-term psychological effects of genital mutilation on a 17-year-old or 15-year-old. What? You have no idea it’s safe. You’re lying. It’s not a safe procedure. We’ve spoken to a lot of victims of this barbarism, and it is barbarism. We did a whole documentary on it, and by the end of the documentary we were more shocked than when we started reporting it out.  

Even people who support these procedures can’t actually defend them and that’s the whole point. They have to make you shut up because they don’t have any facts on their side. If you’re not okay with child abuse, you’re a murderer. And it’s worked on a lot of weak-minded journalists who only care about status and acceptance by the group.



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